Advantages of Laser Cutting

Advantages of Laser Cutting

– Moldless Manufacturing: For moldless manufacturing
– Without causing deformation on the material

– For minimum roughness and burr-free cutting

– Low cost for prototyping

– Ability to drill very small diameter holes

– More cost-effective compared to traditional machining

– No crushing or warping of the material since it doesn’t come into contact with it

You can benefit from fast pricing and cutting services, gaining a competitive edge by being one step ahead.

Cost Advantage of Laser Cutting

With SpirintLas technology, high processing speed is achieved, resulting in lower unit costs.
• There is no cost for molds in part manufacturing.
• Different parts can be processed from the same sheet metal plate.
• The scrap rate is minimized.
• If the parts to be processed are suitable, common surfaces can be cut together to reduce costs.
• By marking bending axes, subsequent manufacturing stages are expedited, leading to cost reduction.

Quality Advantage of Laser Cutting

It ensures burr-free cutting and minimal heat distortion with Hi-Las technology.

•There are no sheet deformations caused by pressing.

•ConturLas technology allows for the processing of holes with a diameter of 0.4 times the sheet thickness.

•Parts are cut with a precision of 0.05 mm.

•Any kind of text, image, or emblem can be cut from the sheet metal.