Laser Cutting

TRUMPF 3050 Laser Cutting

Demonte Laser Cutting Company is a provider of TruLaser 3050, which is a new product introduced by Trumpf last year under the New Trumpf brand. The TruLaser 3050 is equipped with a next-generation laser cutting strategy, allowing it to cut all thicknesses with a single cutting head. During laser cutting, it utilizes a lens with a focal point of 250 mm and CNC-controlled concave and convex mirrors that can simultaneously change the laser beam diameter. To achieve this, a high-quality laser beam is required.

The heart of the laser machine is the generator, which is the maintenance-free TruFlow series CO2 laser generator used in all Trumpf laser machines, including the TruLaser 3050 Lean Edition. Another innovation in the TruLaser 3050 Lean Edition is the new touch-sensitive and user-friendly control unit. This control unit enables operators to use the machine more efficiently. Dust extraction and filtration are standard features in the TruLaser 3050, where the flexibility of laser cutting meets the laser machine. As with all Trumpf laser machines, the TruLaser 3050 ensures process safety with its first-class laser safety system and lens monitoring sensor

The design of the TruLaser 3050 enables transverse pallet movement. This transverse pallet movement allows the operator to access the pallet from all sides, reducing the entry and exit times of the pallet and contributing to increased productivity. The TruLaser 3050 Lean Edition also has a compact structure. It takes up much less space compared to other models that process 1500 x 3000 mm sheets. In the single-pallet models of TruLaser 3050, foldable pallet rails can be used to gain an additional 6 m² of space when needed. Especially in today’s context where space is crucial, its compact structure makes it even more attractive for business owners.

The standard model of TruLaser 3050 is produced with a 3200 W laser power generator and a single pallet. What sets this machine apart is the ability to add many features later on. Especially for beginners and those seeking quality, they can start with this machine. As the business volume grows, additional features such as an automatic slag conveyor, automatic pallet changer, automatic nozzle changer, automatic loading and unloading, and even sheet storage systems can be added. In fact, when investing in the machine, investors can choose to include some or all of these options according to their preferences